Why Fuego is the best electric lighter

by Douglas Fisten on April 16, 2021

Introducing the Fuego Robusto, the best electric lighter in the industry. Absolutely necessity for anyone who smokes cigars and wants the perfect light. Every time.

Best Electric Lighter

Simplicity of use

While some will argue the importance of tradition in using combustible cigar lighters; there is no denying the Fuego electric lighters are the hands-down easiest way to light a cigar perfectly regardless of one’s cigar smoking experience.

The best electric lighter for cigars

Cigar lighters manufacturers have continuously tried to reinvent the wheel for cigars by adding multiple flames or using torches. Their so-called solutions still do not adequately and easily cover the proper surface area of a cigar and they require copious amounts of lighter fluid.

Innovative electric heating coils

Our patented (pending) electric lighter heating coils design is the revolutionary way to light the entire circumference of a cigar quickly and easily without any canoeing or internal burning. Heavy-duty butane-guzzling lighters are no longer necessary to perfectly and quickly light a cigar regardless of weather conditions.

Exchangeable Electric Burner Plates

The Fuego Electric Lighter heating coils (burner plates) are amazing feats of technology, but they aren’t invincible. Like most other products they will need to be replaced from the natural process of wear & tear. For this reason, we have conveniently packaged replacement heaters so you can change out your burner plates whenever you feel the need to refresh your cigar lighting experience.

Restoring your Fuego lighter to like-new condition is simple, quick, and easy by simply unscrewing your old burner plate and replacing it with the new one. These dually-packaged replacement heating coils are a more cost-effective, convenient, and efficient maintenance method than that of traditional high-end lighters. Having a few extra Fuego Heating Coils on hand will assure you achieve the perfect light. Every time.

Best electric lighter will never fail you

With Fuego lighters, it doesn’t matter if you’re out on a boat, on the balcony of a building that is 100 stories up or even while traveling with the windows down on the highway. The Fuego lighter will never let you down when you need to light your cigar because the wind is not a factor. Take control of the situation and get your very own, super-durable, windproof and simply best electric lighter by Fuego.