How Do Electric Lighters Work?

by Douglas Fisten on April 16, 2021
How Electric Lighters Work?

Electric Lighters as an Alternative to Butane

Electric lighters have become the new standard for smokers and with good reason. When cave-men existed, they would rub sticks together to create fire. Then, people started to use matches and as technology evolved, fluid or butane gas-filled lighters came into existence. Like most products, the evolution of the lighter did not stop there. Here at Fuego, we carry a state of the art electronic lighters build especially for cigars.

If you’re just finding out about the Fuego lighter for the first time we encourage you to watch our youtube videos and check out our product page to get full specs on our Fuego lighter.

Thanks to the evolution of lighter technology, we are not limited to a butane lighter anymore, having more choices. Flameless lighters like the Fuego are affordable and much safer with the guarantee to work, without the hassle of filling it with butane gas or liquid fuel.  Compared to butane lighters, they are safer, more efficient and in most cases weather resistant. The Fuego lighter is windproof and is one of the best cigar lighters for sale today. Sadly, many smokers still use butane lighters because they’re very inexpensive and disposable after they run out of fluid. Butane filled lighters are prone to combustion when left in the heat for long periods of time or when dropped. Even though the fluid-filled lighters are not safe and require a lot of maintenance, they still continue to be the most widely used type of lighter.

Here at Fuego, we’re aiming to change that for cigar smokers that are looking to have a more sophisticated lighter, designed especially for cigar enthusiasts. Our mission at Fuego lighters is to educate cigar smokers about the benefits of an electric lighter that uses a burner instead of flame.  Ditch the old butane lighter technology, upgrade to a Fuego flameless lighter and enjoy the latest technology available for cigar smokers.

Types of Electric Lighters: Plasma vs Electric Burner Plate

Electric powered lighting devices come in various forms. Some electronic lighters use a Plasma arc as the heating source and they’re known as plasma lighters. Plasma lighting mechanism follows the same principle as nature during a storm produces lightning. The same laws of physics apply to produce a plasma lighter Arc, which is the source of the heat in this type of lighter.

Fuego lighters do not use the plasma arc or butane. Instead, our cigar lighters use a electric heating plate that acts like a stove-top burner plate. The Fuego heating coil with a burner plate at the top is powered by a removable and USB rechargeable battery that comes with the unit at no additional cost. Charging the battery takes no more than 3 hours and when fully charged it can last for several days. The Fuego is one of the most revolutionary types of flameless lighters for sale today and it is very convenient in use and definitely best cigar lighter out there.

Fuego Electric Lighter
Fuego Electric Lighter
Plasma Electric Arc Lighter
Plasma Electric Lighter

How does this lighter work without fluid or gas?

Fuego is a purely electric/electronic device. This is not a torch lighter so you will never need any butane or liquid fluid. It is a flameless lighter making it the perfect for the outdoors. The windproof design means you can take it with you on the golf course, to the beach, on a boat, or in high altitude places where butane lighters are less effective.

Many of our prospective customers often wonder what the pros and cons are using electronic cigars. In addition to that, they often ask if Electric lighters are better than butane lighters. The answer to that question is a resounding “yes, they are much better”.

How to use electric lighter – operational Instructions

Click the fire button 5 times rapidly to turn the unit ON/OFF.

After you turn the battery on, press and hold the power button to heat up the grill. The grill will become red-hot heating to hundreds of degrees in seconds.

A heating cycle will cut-off after ten seconds of use to prevent overheating. Release and repress the power button to start a new heating cycle.

A fully charged battery holds more than fifty full 10-second heating cycles. The battery will automatically turn off fifteen seconds of non-use. This auto-off feature preserves battery life.

You recharge the battery using the micro USB charging cable provided in the kit. Recharging takes approximately an hour and a half.

Elements of electric lighter – what is it made of?

The Fuego lighters are made out of two components, the battery, and the heating coil. The lighter is very easy to assemble in seconds and disassemble for storage or travel.

The heating coil is built with 510 thread screw, compatible with other handheld 510 Mod batteries on the market. The heater’s burner plates require approx. 25W of power to properly heat up and be able to light a cigar with ease, regardless of the weather. The heating coils are made out of the thin metal compounds, specifically designed to handle rapid temperature rising. The diameter of the heating coil is 62 ring gauge or 1 inch, allowing to light even “fat” cigars in perfect, even way.

Fuego lighter power plant is a USB rechargeable 2500 mAh battery that is detachable from the coil and long-lasting. The Fuego lighter is much safer and doesn’t rely on combustible fluids in a compressed container that can potentially explode. Our lighters are travel-friendly and able to handle the strongest winds since there is no flame involved. Many cigar connoisseurs consider the Fuego lighter to be the best lighter for cigars.

Fuego Electric Lighter Elements

Why Choose the Fuego Electric Lighter?

Looking for a high-quality cigar lighting device, that is safe, efficient and cool-looking? Looking for a conversation starter? The Fuego electric lighters are just perfect for that. When you take out a Fuego and light your cigar, you’ll be sure to turn heads and potentially even have people come up to you and ask about it.

It’s Electric! Fuego cigar lighters are unlike any lighter, it has a unique shape and compact design that makes it easy to grasp and travel with. Even Gail-force winds are no match for the flame-free Fuego Lighter that uses a proprietary heating process. Flame-free lighters like the Fuego, thrive in high winds as there is no flame that can go out. With a Fuego, the electric heating plate is heated to a red-hot state that can spark even a full-sized cigar evenly.

You can purchase a Fuego battery-powered, convenient and pretty much the best cigar lighter right from our website and you’ll never have to worry about wind being a factor again. Items ship within 24-48 hours from the time they’re ordered online and typically arrive within 3 to 5 business days after the item is shipped. We provide an excellent warranty on our products and excellent customer service. Feel free to call or email us if you have any questions about our products and we will be happy to answer them.

Cigar Lighter

Fuego Lighters Customers Q/A

Question: do you make larger lighters like this? Such as to accommodate 66 ring gauge cigars
Answer: The largest ring gauge we currently accommodate is 62 (the limit for the current heating coil). The reason for only going to 62 is because we found that the majority of cigars are this ring gauge or smaller. We may offer a larger ring gauge option in the future should customer demand warrant it.
By Fuego_Lighters SELLER on Feb 3, 2021

Question: How often do you have to change the coils?
Answer: There is no set timeframe because lifespan is dependent on how often it is used, the manner in which it is used, and how it is maintained by the owner. Properly used, well-maintained coils will last longer than those that are not.
By Fuego_Lighters SELLER on September 20, 2020

Question: Does it automatically shut off at a ten-second cycle?
Answer: Electric lighter battery operates in 10 second cycles – it’s a saftety feature. Each push-button cycle automatically ends in 10 seconds. There is no difference first, second or third.
By Oleg on April 3, 2020

Question: Do they sell a wall plug for the cable to recharge the lighter?
Answer: Not that I know of. I use my iPhone wall plug. It’s just USB.
By Barry Meyer on May 26, 2020

Question: Does it automatically cycle or can it stay on steady without cutting off.
Answer: The battery is regulated and will automatically cut off if the power button is pressed and held for ten (10) seconds. To restart a new heating cycle simply release the power button, repress, and hold.
By Fuego_Lighters SELLER on April 3, 2020

Question: Who do I contact for warranty questions? I loved my Fuego, I just got it in November. it has stopped working completely. won’t even charge.
Answer: Fuego Lighters contact 844-454-4483
By Cliff Hatmaker on June 4, 2020

Question: wall plug for the USB cable
Answer: The lighter doesn’t come with a wall plug just a micro USB cable. I have an Anker 5 port USB charger and it works fine with that.
By JP on May 26, 2020

Question: How many Watts is this lighter?
Answer: I have no idea but I have lite at least 2 dozen cigars before a recharge was necessary.
By JP on December 28, 2019
Answer: The Fuego electric lighter battery generates 25 Watts
By Fuego_Lighters SELLER on December 28, 2019