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Electric Lighters

Do electric lighters work on cigars?

Electric Lighter is an innovative solution to lighting cigars. As a cigar lighter improves the cigar smoking experience.

Fuego Electric Lighter


Fuego Wismec CB60 Compact Lighter


Fuego Aspire Puxos Coil Electric Lighter


Fuego KangerTech Spider Internal Battery Electric Lighter


Fuego Sigelei Sibra F Portable Electric Lighter Kit


Fuego Fuchai Duo Custom Cigar Lighters


Fuego Sigelei MT220 Electric Lighter


Fuego Sigelei J80 Portable Electric Lighter Kit


Fuego Smok Species Touch Screen Digital Lighter for Cigars


Fuego Sigelei UFO Electronic Digital Custom Lighter


Fuego Aspire Speeder Lighter Kit


Fuego iJoy Solo Mini Windproof Lighter


Features of Electric Lighter

- Recharge vs Refuel. Being electric lighter there is no need for butane or lighter fuel of any kind.  Recharge your lighter conveniently anywhere: through your PC or laptop, in the car, at home or anywhere where electricity is available.

- Windproof lighters. Perfect for outdoor use, under any weather conditions. There is no flame to worry about. The electric coil literally touching your cigar when lighting.

Best cigar lighter. Fuego electric lighter was design for cigars. Sized to handle 62-Ring Gauge (1 inch diameter) or smaller cigars.

- Flavorless cigar lighting. Electric lighter does not generate any flavor or smell which you inhale and more or less taste when you light cigar with any butane powered lighter.