Unboxing Fuego Lighters – Detailed Overview

This video will take you on a quick, yet detailed tour of your Fuego Electric Cigar Lighter. It will unbox the electronic lighter and show you how to charge it, how to put it together, how to use it, how to maintain it, and explain what you should and should not do, and show you a demo of the electric cigar lighter in use. If you still need a further reference on this electronic cigar lighter, you may view one of our other self-help videos or contact us directly through our contact page.

Troubleshooting Fuego Lighter Battery & Coil

this video will take you through some of the most common issues our customer service department is contacted to resolve. You will find topics covering the battery, heating coil, and overall functionality of the lighter with step-by-step instructions on how to resolve these issues. If the video doesn’t resolve your issue or you need further assistance, please contact us directly through our contact page

Heating Coil Care & Maintenance

This video will take you through the proper procedure to clean and care for your heating coil so that you can get the greatest life expectancy of your heating coil. Your heating coil is the equivalent of butane in a gas-powered cigar lighter and it will eventually run its course and need to be replaced. The time frame for replacement is dependent on individual use and maintenance. Following the tips in this video will help you achieve the greatest life expectancy with your heating coil as well as give you an idea of when you may want to purchase additional heating coils.

Travel & Transportation of the Fuego Lighters

It’s important that you are able to take your Fuego Lighter with you wherever you go. This is particularly true when you are traveling through a method of transportation that requires you to pass through a TSA checkpoint. Fuego Lighters electric cigar lighters are easy to transport and cable of being taken with you regardless of your method of travel. This video will take you through the steps you need to take in order to properly secure and transport your electric cigar lighter. It will explain what precautions you should take when transporting your lighter, the best ways to transport your lighter, and what you need to know about bringing you electric cigar lighter through a TSA checkpoint.

Relighting a Cigar with the Fuego Lighter

In this video, we will discuss the best way to relight an extinguished cigar with a Fuego electric cigar lighter including tips and tricks that include some unique tools available through Fuego Lighters. At the end of this video, you will be able to see a live-action demo that shows the relighting of an extinguished cigar using Fuego Lighters and the unique tools introduced to you in this video.