Relighting Cigars with Fuego Lighters

by Douglas Fisten on April 16, 2021

When a Cigar goes out or gets clogged and doesn’t draw and you are in need of a solution to relight without damaging or cutting the cigar; what do you do? Typically, you would try to tap or roll the ash out. Or, you might try the squeeze & roll technique if you’re trying to get the cherry out. The last resort is cutting the cigar or stamping it out from frustration. The team at Fuego Lighters has created the perfect tool to eliminate such frustration and keep your hands clean.

Relighting Cigars with Fuego Lighters

Cherry Picker cigar dab tool for ash, char & debris removal

The Cherry Picker is a patent-pending, tool crafted with precision in mind. It allows you to delicately scoop out ash, char, debris, or even a lit cherry so you can relight right or save your cigar for later instead of trashing it. The scoop head is angled perfectly and the handle is ergonomically designed to allow the user to operate like a surgeon and eliminate the threat of damaging the cigar. Fuego cigar dab tool is manufactured from high-grade Stainless Steel that is dishwasher safe and can withstand temperature well above that of a torch lighter. This is a must-have accessory for every cigar lover’s collection!

Relighting cigars step by step Instructions:

STEP 1 Face the protruding tip of the shovel head towards the center of the cherry.
STEP 2 Hold the cigar horizontally and gently and slowly scoop the ash in a circular motion around the outer edge of the cigar working your ward toward the center.
STEP 3 Once the center of the cigar is reached and the majority of the ash is hollowed out. Examine the cigar for any remaining ash, char, or hot spots.
STEP 4Use the scoop head to remove any remaining ash, char, or hot spots. DO NOT poke, jab, or dig too deep into a cigar with Cherry Picker as this could damage the cigar. Repeat steps 1 through 4 as necessary to cleanly remove all debris.