Portable USB Lighter

by Douglas Fisten on April 16, 2021

Fuego USB Lighter – convenient way to light a cigar

Fuego USB Lighters

Fuego electronic portable cigar lighters were created by two best friends turned business partners. They took their evening hours to sit on an upper-floor balcony of an apartment in a swank high rise. During this time, they would evaluate and discuss the state of business affairs and operations planning for the future. It was commonplace for them to indulge in a glass of fine cognac while having these discussions.

Fuego Robusto USB Lighter was developed as an alternative to common open flame cigar lighters. Our patented (pending) burner plate design is the revolutionary way to light the entire circumference of a cigar quickly and easily without any canoeing or internal burning. Heavy-duty butane-guzzling lighters are no longer necessary to perfectly and quickly light a cigar regardless of weather conditions. This cigar lighter is a necessity for anyone who smokes cigars and wants the perfect light. Every time. Fuego burner plate fits on nearly every 510 thread vape battery, allowing you to easily switch from the battery that it comes with; to your favorite vape battery.