How do I charge the battery and how long does it take?

Your Fuego Electric Lighter battery comes partially charged; however, it is recommended to fully charge the battery before initial use. Charge the battery by inserting the smaller end of the charging cable into the battery port located on the battery and plug the USB lighter into any live USB port with the included Micro USB charging cable. Charging time may take anywhere from one to three hours depending on usage and port strength.


How do I know it is fully charged?

When plugged in there will be a small red light underneath the battery port. This light will turn off when the battery is plugged in and fully charged.


How long does the battery last?

This is dependent on use; however, the electric lighter battery carries 2500 mAh capacity so you should be able to light several cigars before having to charge it again. We recommend charging the battery after use in order to keep your Fuego Lighter charged and ready to go.


How do I assemble my Fuego Lighter?

Screw the burner plate onto the battery base in a clockwise direction until it is hand tight. See our Instructional Video Tutorials.


How to turn On/OFF the lighter?

Turn the lighter ON by pressing the Fuego fire button located on the battery five times continuously. If done correctly the Fuego button will light up red.

Turn the lighter OFF by pressing the Fuego button located on the battery five times continuously. If done correctly the Fuego button will not light up. We always recommend to do so when youre done using it.


How do I use my Fuego Lighter?

Generally, it is a three-step process.

1. Press the Fuego button five (5) times continuously in order to turn the device on. The Fuego button will flash to indicate action. The Fuego button will not light up when pressed if the battery is off.

2. When on, press and hold the Fuego button down until the burner plate is red hot. Hold the Fuego button down throughout the entire cigar lighting process.

3. GENTLY touch the end of the cigar to red hot burner plate and begin to puff as you would traditionally light a cigar with open flame. DO NOT push down or use excessive pressure or force on the burner plate as this could damage the burner plate. Note: Some larger cigars will naturally even out perfectly and come to a full burn as they are smoked.

WARNING! During and after this process components will be very hot! Use with caution and treat as an open flame to avoid fire or injury.

See our Tutorial Videos for more information.


How do I achieve the perfect light, every time?

To achieve a perfect light every time, keep the cigar end flush with the red hot burner plate and puff until the cigar is adequately smoking. Check the lit end of cigar for adequate cherry. If not adequately lit, repeat this process.

See the Relighting Cigars page for more tips.


How to clean the burner plate?

Use caution when cleaning burner plates as the product may be hot. DO NOT clean the burner plate unless the battery is turned off, the burner plate is completely cooled, and any debris within the burner plate has been extinguished. Unscrew burner plate from the battery in a counter-clockwise direction. Gently shake burner to help dislodge larger debris or ash. Use a soft bristle brush and a very gently sweep burner plate. DO NOT apply force when cleaning as this could damage the burner plate.


How long does the heating coil last and when should I replace it?

Burner plates will eventually have to be replaced from natural wear and tear but when depends on how frequently they are used and under what conditions. If your burner plate is not heating quickly, flickers are bent or misshapen, or is not heating to full capacity; it is time to replace your burner plate. We recommend having extra Heating Coils on hand in order to refresh your Fuego Lighter experience when you feel necessary.


Is the Fuego a weatherproof lighter?

The lighter is not completely weatherproof, after all, it is electric lighter but it can be used in significantly harsher conditions than compared to a traditional butane lighter.

Is Fuego windproof lighter?

Yes, this lighter is windproof and Weather Proof. Enjoy your cigar anytime, anywhere!


How do I learn how to use my Fuego Lighter?

Printed instructions come with every lighter.  There is also a Getting Started video.  We recommend all first-time users watch this video prior to attempting to use their lighter.  You can access this video by scanning the QR code on the back of the lighter packaging or under the About Us section of the Fuego Lighters website.  If you still have questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact us.


I just received my lighter, followed the directions, and watched the Getting Started video. I’m still having an issue with my lighter.  Should I return it?

No, contact us (Fuego Lighters, not Amazon) before going through the return process.  In many instances we are able to walk you through troubleshooting and resolve the issue.  We may ask photos or short video to fully understand your situation. In the event a part needs to be replaced, we can usually do this without going through the return process.


I charged my lighter and pressed the power button but nothing happens.  What should I do?

To unlock your lighter, you need to push the power button 5 times within 2 seconds.  The power button will flash red to indicate the power is on and will remain red whenever the power button is pressed and held.  


I turned on my lighter but I press the power button and nothing happens.  What should I do?

Once powered-on, you need to press and hold the power button in order for the lighter to work.  When the power button is pressed and held the heating coil grill will become red-hot in approximately 3.5 seconds.


I was in the middle of using my lighter and it stopped working.  What should I do?

Your lighter has overheating protection measures.  One of these measures is a 10-second heating cycle.  After 10-seconds of constant use your lighter will cut-off.  To start a new cycle release, repress, and hold the power button.  


I used my lighter and put it down.  I picked it back up to use it again and it is dead.  What do I do?

Your lighter has safety and battery preservation features.  One of those features is a 15-second auto-lock.  If the power is on and the power button is not pressed within any 15-second period of time your lighter will lock.  To unlock press the power button 5 times with 2-seconds.


How hard should I push on the coil to light my cigar?

The same way you don’t mash hamburger meat on the grill; you do not push your cigar on the heating coil grill.  Your coil will reach approximately 580 degrees Fahrenheit in a matter of seconds. This is hot enough whereby resting or holding the foot of the cigar on the grill is more than enough to achieve the perfect light every time.


Is there a specific way you need to light your cigar?

No, but following tradition we like to use 1 or 2 heating cycles to toast the foot of the cigar before going into a full light.  It isn’t necessary, but we like it.


Is it windproof?

Yes, you can use this lighter standing in front of an industrial fan (we have video of this).


My cigar went out.  How do I relight it with this lighter?

Remove as much ash from the foot of your cigar as possible.  We recommend using our patented Cherry Picker cigar ash removal tool (for sale on Amazon and Fuego Lighters website).  Once removed you are ready to relight.  Depending on how your cigar burned you may have to relight at an angle and/or may have to use more than one lighting cycle.  If you get ash on the grill, use the supplied cleaning brush to clean your grill once you have stopped using the coil and it has completely cooled.


I want to put it in my pocket and take it with me.  Can I do that?

The best and only way you should transport this lighter on your person is if the heating coil is separated from the battery.  Do not attempt to separate it immediately after use and do not give the grill the finger test as it could result in serious injury.  This lighter will also fit in many cigar cases.


Can I take this lighter on an airplane?  Is it TSA approved?

Because of the uniquity of our design, you can take this through TSA on an airplane. There is a BUT… The packaging is TSA approved packaging for a lithium-ion battery.  When the heating coil is completely separated from the battery (as it is in the packaging) it technically is not a lighter; it’s a battery and a heating coil.  Lithium-ion batteries that are packed in carry-on luggage are ok to travel with per TSA guidelines.  As long as the battery and the heating coil a separated you should not have a problem.  However, like with everything that goes through a TSA checkpoint; it is up to the discretion of the TSA agent and there always is a possibility that your lighter can be confiscated (even though it should not).  The best way to transport it in your carry-on is to put your heating coil(s) in one carry-on compartment and your battery in the other.  Then it is definitively just a battery or just a heating coil, not a lighter.


How long should my heating coil last?

The life span of a heating coil is highly dependent on theindividual user.  There is some similarity to the functionality of the heating coil to that of a light bulb.  It will eventually burn out but it depends on how it is used and how much it is used.  If you never use force on the heating coil grill and you clean it regularly it will last much longer than if you are pressing on the grill and not cleaning it.


How do I know I when I need to replace my heating coil?

The heating coil becoming red-hot is a visual indicator of heat.  However, the red-hot coloration is not a direct correlation of functionality.  This is most noticeable during daytime use as it is not as easy to see its red-hot color in the day light.  You will notice over time that the re-hot coloring will fade away.  This fading is usually (but not always) from the edges towards the center of the grill.  As that fading increases your coil is aging.  Even if there is no color it does not mean it does not work.  It will still reach hundreds of degrees until it dies out.  The loss of color is an indicator that its time to have additional coils on-hand because its time is limited.  Additional coils are available in in 2-packs both on Amazon and the Fuego Lighters website.