The Story of Fuego Cigar Lighter


The story of the Fuego Electric Lighter started on the balcony of an upper-floor apartment in a swanky South Florida high-rise. A group of friends would gather here to catch up with one another and reminisce on the good old days. One of these friends was an avid cigar smoker who would generously bring cigars for the others. The wind cutting across the balcony was stronger than it usually was this day. Torch lighter in hand, this group found themselves facing two different, yet distinct problems. The windy conditions gave the avid cigar smokers fits trying to get their cigars lit properly while the novice smoker simply could not get the cigar lit at all. Aggravation turned into frustration as they waved the white flag. The wind had won the day. Defeated, they filed one-by-one back into the apartment. The conversation of defeat quickly turned into “How is there not a better way?” That was a good question and one that would shape the future of Fuego. With that question in mind one gentleman headed into the kitchen to refill on libations. While in the kitchen he found himself oddly staring at a stovetop oven shortly before blurting out “Wouldn’t it be great if you could put your whole cigar on this stove top and light the whole thing in one shot?”.

Developing the Perfect Cigar Lighter

The group abruptly stopped their conversation and looked up with eyes wide open and fixated on the guy in the kitchen. The guy in the kitchen then said “Imagine if you could do that and hold it in your hand. That would be awesome.” Without hesitation one of the guys in the group said “I think we can do that. We can build it and we can do it with a battery instead of butane.” Taken back, the guy in the kitchen cracked a half-smile and the concept behind the Fuego Electric Lighter was born.

They set off on a mission to develop a lighter that would do two things effectively; combat the wind and light the entire cigar easily. It took years of research, scientific consults, factory developments, trial, error, and prototypes until the concept of the Fuego Electric lighter became a working reality. As it turned out, they developed something with greater use than they originally intended. They created a flameless lighter that combated the wind, but they also found a way to eliminate burns and runs during lighting. It only lit the surface of the cigar at temperatures vaporizers use turn liquid into vapor. They decreased the time it took to reach those temperatures over a large surface area. And, this was done with reusable energy that fits in the palm of your hand. There has never been a lighter that has its own self-sustaining power source of this size that has the ability to light large diameter full-size cigars.

Electric Lighter Idea
Lighting Cigar With Fuego

The Electric Lighter

Some have compared the Fuego Electric Lighter to a car lighter. To compare this technology to a car lighter is haphazard at best. A car lighter requires a car battery, separate heating device, and docking station to warm that device. They can’t be connected to one device. The car lighter can’t sustain heat. You certainly couldn’t hold any more than one of these components in your hand easily or comfortably among other issues. Car lighters were meant for a 2-second cigarette lighting process. Trying to light a cigar with a car lighter is as convenient and useful as starting a fire in a rainstorm. You basically need an entire car and you still can’t come close to the capabilities you get with a Fuego Electric Lighter. Car lighters simply were not created with the intent-of or capability-to light cigars.

Fuego Cigar Lighters are designed to light full-sized cigars evenly and effortlessly. They light the surface of your cigar so you can enjoy smoking it from tip to tip. Every lighter is USB rechargeable, battery-powered, windproof, and TSA friendly. Our proprietary heating coil uses flameless, grill