Electric lighter-in hand, turned on with red-hot heater grill
Turned On Fuego Electric Lighter
Fuego lighters safety warnings at the bottom of packaging box. Shown with assembled electric lighter.
Fuego lighter kit packaging with electric lighter and all elements
Charging Fuego Electric Lighter with USB-C Cable
Turned On Fuego Electric Lighter with open packaging box and all elements
All Fuego lighter kit elements: 510 battery (shown with USB-C charging port), electric heating coil, cleaning brush and USB-C cable
Fuego lighter kit packaging: 2500mAh 510 battery, electric heating coil, cleaning brush and USB-C cable in the box with instruction manual printed inside of box cover.
Assembled Fuego Electric Lighter with USB cable and brush - parts of the kit.
Turned On Fuego Electric Lighter shown with red-hot heater grill.
Turned On Fuego Electric Lighter Standing with packaging box
Top view of Fuego lighter kit packaging - all parts of lighter and box cover
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Fuego Electric Lighter


Easy to Maintain USB Lighter

  • Lithium-Ion Battery Powered Electric Lighter
  • 2500 mAh Rechargeable Battery with Life Indication
  • Windproof Lighter Perfect for Outdoor Use
  • USB-C rapid charging
  • Longer Lighting Cycle
  • ⁠3 x Click Safety Lock
  • Lights Cigars 62-Ring Gauge (1-inch) or Smaller
  • Deluxe Gift Box
  • Easy to Transport and Travel Friendly
  • Flameless Lighter. No Butane or Lighter Fluid. Ever.

Electric Alternative to a Butane Lighter.

Fuego electric lighter patented technology is made up of two parts; a lithium-ion battery and a screw-on heating coil.

The Fuego, simplifies the Cigar Lighting Process Without Sacrificing Tradition. The battery is USB rechargeable, carries 2500mAh capacity, and has a 35-watt output. Its lighting element in the heating coil is a circular grill. The grill is designed to light the entire foot of any cigar that is the 62-ring gauge or smaller. This size ring gauge was chosen because it is large enough for the majority of cigars available to the market.

The design and functionality of the grill combine cigar lighting tradition with a simpler, smarter process. It lights the surface of the cigar foot at lower temperatures than all other types of lighters. The grill doesn’t create runs you normally would get from uncontrollable flames. This is not a Tesla or Plasma lighter. Fuego's innovative fully electric lighter provides controlled surface red-hot heat which eliminates deep burns into the interior of the cigar. In some cases that deep burn can add up to be more than an inch of the wasted cigar. Lower temperature lighting is also known for enhancing the taste and aroma profile of tobacco. This is most noticeable in the initial light.

The Electric Cigar Lighter

This is not a torch lighter so you will never need any butane. It is a flameless lighter making it perfect for the outdoors. The windproof design means you can take it with you on the golf course, to the beach, on a boat, or in high-altitude places where butane lighters are less effective. To transport your Fuego Electric Lighter, make sure it has completely cooled then separate the battery from the heating coil. If you are going to travel with it; keep it in its original, TSA-friendly packaging and only put it in your carry-on.

After you turn the battery on, press and hold the power button to heat up the grill. The grill will become red-hot heating to hundreds of degrees in seconds. A heating cycle will cut off after ten seconds of use to prevent overheating. Release and repress the power button to start a new heating cycle. A fully charged battery holds more than fifty full 10-second heating cycles. The battery will automatically turn off fifteen seconds of non-use. This auto-off feature preserves battery life. You recharge the battery using the micro USB charging cable provided in the Fuego Electric Lighter kit. USB-C rapid charging allows for a full charge in less than an hour.

The Fuego Electric Lighter revolutionizes your cigar smoking experience. It is arguably the easiest way to light a cigar perfectly whether it’s your first time trying to light one or if you are a seasoned aficionado. Depending on what setting you find yourself in; this lighter makes your experience simple, easy, and enjoyable. Focus more on the company you keep than the cigar you cut with our proprietary butane-free cigar lighting solution. Whether you are in the cigar bar or outdoors enjoying all that life has to offer; you can rest assured knowing that with the Fuego Electric Lighter you will get the perfect light, every time.

See Fuego Cigar Lighters Instructional Videos page for more details, troubleshooting, and maintenance tips.

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Ian Houseman
Eyesjght problem?

This is the second lighter that I have purchased on behalf of a blind friend.He was extremely pleased with the original purchase but unfortunately dropped in some water, which killed it, so I have bought another one for him.
Delivery time (to the UK) : Excellent.

Milton Lewis

How can I review and have yet to receive it…

Tommy DeLoach

Fuego Electric Lighter

Magic Lighter

I discovered your lighter by watching a Youtube video and so I rushed to buy it. It lights wonderfully well cigars that it is Panatellas or Robustos nothing stops it
I am very happy and I no longer have the little taste of burnt that can cause a flame on a cigar sometimes. To honor my 1st lighting I had bought a Partagas D4 for the occasion.
Cigar lovers do not hesitate to buy this lighter you will not be disappointed and if there is some kind of malfunction after a few ignitions, press the fingertip on the grid and it works again.

Stephane from Paris, France

Jennifer Burke
fuego lighter review

I bought this for my father and he loves it but the lighting element is already not working.Kinda expensive!!!!