Butane Lighters

Soft-Flame & Torch Butane Lighters

Torch lighters are the most common type of cigar lighter. They are easy to transport, work well outdoors, and quickly heat an area.

Cigar Torch Lighter

The high power of cigar torch lighter, accelerates the heating process. on the other hand, if you use the traditional toast and light method that most cigar smokers use to light their cigars, you will also burn a massive amount of butane. There is also discussion about how the intense heat and butane affect your sense of taste, smell, and overall cigar lighting experience. This has been linked to deep burns within the cigar, canoeing, and uneven lighting.

Soft Flame Lighters

Lighters with a soft flame are nostalgic, elegant, and reminiscent of candlelight. They work well indoors, but they are difficult to use outside. The process of lighting a cigar would necessitate the use of a soft flame for an extended period of time. This means that you are likely to burn at least one finger unless you use a lighter that does not require push-button activation, such as a Zippo.