Fuego Smok SOS Custom Lighter
Fuego Smok SOS cigar lighter in use
Fuego Smok SOS Electric Cigar Lighter Kit
Smok SOS Cigar Lighter
Smok SOS Custom Lighter
Smok SOS Cigar Lighter
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Fuego Smok SOS Electric Cigar Lighter Kit


The Smok SOS is the perfect travel cigar lighter, great for any weather. Small, sleek, and simple; it will slip into just about any pocket, purse, or small carry-on compartment. The Smok SOS is one of the most compact custom lighters FUEGO is selling. The squeeze-trigger operation allows for easier handling. The digital OLED screen is small, yet large enough to tell you how much battery life you have, what your power setting is, and more. Get everything you could possibly want out of one tiny, powerful unit.

Smok SOS Cigar Lighter Features:

- OLED Screen Display
- Power adjustable from 1W to 80W
- Squeeze-Trigger Controlled Interface
- Removable, Rechargable 18650 Battery Power
- Battery Life Indicator
- 12-Second Lighting Cycle
- Lights Cigars up to 62-Ring Gauge
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester